is here

that baby you crave
cannot fill that hole.
there is no food for this hunger.

that is soul-longing.
do not seek it’s end.

You are a pipe,
that emptiness is essential.
open the tap
and let love flow through you




there is a slight sting
along the eyelid edge
as they close
(the longing of tears to escape the eye)
but then the heart’s stars are discerned,
beyond the horizon of seeing…
the burning is only the residue
of trying to see.
once my greed lets go,
the dark becomes comforting
as the world of stars unfolds…



“there, but for the grace of god, go I”
<that was thought to generate gratitude.>

but the true grace, is:
there go i.

just like me.

there is no ‘other’

Painful pavement

i know this road
i know it well
it leads to my lonely room
in heartbreak hotel

i’ll put my blinders on
pretend i’ve learned, grown
i’ll still make that damn left turn
right where i ought to keep on straight

paved with ignore-ance

next week i’ll start pushing her away
while i implore her to stay
about a month after that she’ll leave
in my lonely room i’ll grieve

i know that road
i know it well


Muck at dusk

This wet yucky muck is only nice
For hogs and ducks
I tromp along triumphantly
In my wellies dry impunity
While your wet sneaker sloshes.
Though I admire your pluck
More than your converse chucks
Umbrella are unwieldy
I’ll keep my Mac and galoshes

20181008 dVerse Poets Pub