i hope the sun is contagious

what light is it that breaks over the eastern hill
every morning?
didn’t they tell the sun to stay home today?
it might be contagious
the birds and the deer dont care about the news
and do not fear

the only option is to control, or surrender
and there’s nothing i can control
even these words do not feel like mine.


delighted to be back in the Garden


here they have taken
what should never be forsaken
reached way beyond their bounds
into every little town

each in their own bin
plugged in computers beep
freedom an illusion, sold cheap
eating rations from tins

what can we tell ourselves
to feel ok, to avoid the feud
over toilet paper in the market
hoarding that over food!

what will the new world be like?
after the whinery, beyond mere finery
what work will lurk beyond the murk
always there but now so clear?

society and culture imploding
new look at what’s important
attend to the old bell ring
bear the yoke when you just cant

the sheep left to wander
online worlds ever watched
in this noose the sheep are snared
this broken trust cannot be repaired



in response to the prompt at Glopowrimo

Riverside Coffee and Tea

The town is down

Along the river

By the dam is the ham

In the old stone mill

Across the river is cast (iron)

Lowthorp’s two span

pin-connected Pratt pony truss

Carrying Main Street since 1870.

If you go down alongside

There, hard by the river

In the old river house

Is riverside coffee and tea

Kara, the barista there

Treading the wide pine boards

Subtlety radiant, in a way

Most of her customers ignore

Yet despite their gloom

They return for more


In April, we poem


OpenLinkNight #263


An old collector

Reminiscing on high school, and alas college too:

Blue riverby house

Last in the lane

Light on in the upper window

Dusty boxes hauled out

From the back of the closit.

Their contents tell a tale

Their authors did not intend.

About how cheap my dad was

Picking six for a dollar bags

From the bargain bin.

About how my tastes changed

Morphing through the storylines

Following characters

Across titles.

About the inflation

And the struggle to keep

Readership high. Glossy pages.

And how I branches out

Away from the mainstream

Into more adult themes

And after getting bored

With the endless permutation

Focusing more on miniseries.

Finally petering out, ending

First one then another.

I’ve got them all listed now

Trapped in spreadsheet cells.

Sort by title

Sort by date

Sort by price

Stayed up late

Cataloging and Listing them all

It’s done, to bed

Put out the light



Canada geese

There is a couple, goose and gander, who’ve taken to wintering in my yard. I could complain about the green turds they leave, but for the most part I like having them. Though they do get loud when they feel threatened. We have tons of birds here, cardinals, jays, crows, finches sparrows tufted titmice, three different kinds of woodpeckers, several ducks, and a heron. Yet when I saw the bird prompt, these two came to mind. There was a spat earlier, I was working in the garden and some other male came up the river. They look so much alike that I wasn’t sure who was who. Later when I was coming in, they were much calmer, so I tried to capture that with this little haiku-ish:

He stands, vigilant.

Her face is in the salad of my lawn,

Stocking up.