Only then did I weep

she’s on that ship
me, on shore.
Sailing to a new life
opportunity, potentiality
she’s got the Bull
by the horns
flutes, violins.
Sing that new song bright, strong!
I watch till the ship gets small
and it’s lamp winks out acrossing horizon



Painful pavement

i know this road
i know it well
it leads to my lonely room
in heartbreak hotel

i’ll put my blinders on
pretend i’ve learned, grown
i’ll still make that damn left turn
right where i ought to keep on straight

paved with ignore-ance

next week i’ll start pushing her away
while i implore her to stay
about a month after that she’ll leave
in my lonely room i’ll grieve

i know that road
i know it well


Muck at dusk

This wet yucky muck is only nice
For hogs and ducks
I tromp along triumphantly
In my wellies dry impunity
While your wet sneaker sloshes.
Though I admire your pluck
More than your converse chucks
Umbrella are unwieldy
I’ll keep my Mac and galoshes

20181008 dVerse Poets Pub

Before getting lost in the sea

   The shy person, avoiding praise.  Willing to work, and shine, within the crowd.  Whose thriving skill and focus falters and dissipates in the spotlight.  Embarrassed stars hiding behind cloud-curtains.
   The raindrop, having let go of the ocean and fallen to the sky, hitched to clouds like a ship to it’s sails, ranging across continents.  Finally letting go of even that, splattering across the earth, a rock, building, tree or a car, slamming into then dripping off, sinking into the ground or running along, gathering into streams then rivers, and at last discharged, diffused, dispersed into the sea.

Clinging desperately to the rocks and pebbles of my past
Alluvial manifestations of my inner demons, self-doubting sand
Make up the beach, my last gift to the land


Hard to be mindful about an iphone

This infernal machine
Tracking my every move
Every interest, every word to every friend or foe
A marvel, really
A piece of glass that responds to my touch
Miniscule screws, Microprocessors, radio waves
Instant access to anyone! to anything known!
From a cellar, a car, the woods!
no wonder we sacrifice so much,
Dazzled as we are by it’s wonders.
Intoxicated by it’s deceptions.

A thought experiment:
Premise: Alone in nature with nothing.
Question:  how long will it take to develop enough tech to send an email?
Answer: well, you’d have to get enough of a food supply that you survive, then get that efficient enough that you have time to engage in mining, smelting copper, build a turbine to make electr…
Me:  a month.  I can do it within a month, tops.  Nowhere in the world am I so remote that I wouldn’t be able to find a human, kill them, take their phone and send the email.