Why didn’t I love more on Fat Tuesday?

5:23 am


What? No, weekend. Phone. Oh.

Mom. Ugh don’t want to talk to her

now, Sleep more…

Wait! Her, calling at this hour?

Oh fuck this can’t be right…

Nothing to say except

I’m on my way

Nothing to do except

hold her hand

He was already cold




Big top

Sledgehammer rhythm
By Torchlight unfurl
No tentpegs suffice
Hold bigtop aloft
The sledge drives the spike.

The thrill of the show
The lights in the faces

Clownwhite washes off
The magic, packed in boxes
Shipping crates clenched with spikes



Dear Woman,
Can I do anything but beg your forgiveness?
For being oblivious to your attention
For not letting you in
For being terrified of you
For not sharing the pain
Of that emotional wall you
Build between us, when I
Was still inside
For not opening my heart
More, more. More.

Where were you?

Christmases eve 1973

worst gift ever

For that spoiled prince

Murdered kisses

theres no st nick

share your throne

There’s no more mrs

just a dirty trick







There is no kindness here for those who drive slow
In the left lane of the freeway, no.
There is no kindness near for those who

The lady of the lake
Had but one kindness to give
Mortal Arthur king
Had but one life to live

They say he will come again
And to the land return

A fathers kindness is cloaked
And seems distant and stern

If I saved some kindness for myself
Then, perhaps, I’d learn

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Really struggled with this, as you can tell from the fits and starts. This is completely raw, unrefined, as it came out of the egg. A few smatterings of things that might be a good idea, to flesh out or expound upon. Instead, like this, it’s just a window into me.

its not too late

gather ye stones
hold them in bare hands
wash them in the flowing waters
then when you are alone
tell your secrets to the stone
tell of your fears, regrets
what you hate, what you destroyed
put your shame into that stone
then bring that stone to me
this is a great gift you bring
put it here, with mine.
leave your tears
Now, take from here laughter
love and peace


Turn, Turn, Turn . . .