Nothing about it is not fake.

You can tell by the name

Reality tv. News.

Always the inverse of truth.

Yet even there, there are clews

Behind the deceit behind the blame

Human heart cannot break

*title is from World Entertainment War.



But us

We already know where you were

On the night of the 15th

And what you wore.

And who you talked to.

That letter you wrote?

The printer left it’s marks too

Make, model, serial number

And the date and time too

Encoded in yellow dot patterns.

Credit card transactions join the fray

Everything you ever looked up

Supermarkets too. We know about

Your hemorroid problem too.

Every phone call, but we aren’t

Interested in those. Much.

Yet. But we have that too.

Fear not, friend. We won’t tell your husband

About that guy you’ve been meeting.

We will keep you safe from everything

But us


New toy


Drop that old toy

Without a moments hesitation

Reach for this new toy

The old toy is fear,

Meanness, judgement

The new toy is joy,

Being alive. Love


I’m not your son

I’ve always had problems with the sun

I suppose it comes from not being one

Though my farther might disagree

What if I burn you

Just by being me?

What if the green ones

Hang their lives on me?

Can’t I handle that responsibility?