I know I am on the right road
for there are signs abundantly
And if you can’t tell how you feel
They put a picture on a post
And if I keep within the bounds
Prescribed by law or decency
Then all impediments dissolve
So sign and mind collude and guide
Some signs are words, and some pictures
Some signs are hunches, or feelings, 
Guided so over hills and fields
There is one sign my heart appeals
Wisest of all, this one says Yield


Lonely arts club

The world beside everyday life
Parallel, Pointing to that lying 
Disillusioned not, nor resigned
To plebeian life itself 
Disenchanted with, chafing 
Mundane perceptions limits.
Sociological consciousness
Irreparably fragmented,
Momentarily unified in this 
Pervasively playing
Revolving tonal stew
Of mushrooms payote
And sgt pepper

From a prompt to spice up out writings with a quadrille containing pepper. Http://dVersepoets.com

Dark emeralds

Deep inside her
Along a seam, a scar
Where once she screamed
I pry out these, the essence
Of that trauma, pain
Formed in the Dark, 
pressure, agony compressed
When brought to light
These dark emeralds
Glisten and sparkle

From a prompt at imaginary garden


Every breath
 Every bite
  Every sip
Every laugh
 Every tear
  Every sigh
Every word
 Every moment
  Every glint in her eye