Good heavens babbage!

In reponse to Charles Bukowski

why i called him babbage i know not.

so you want to be a writer

Bah!  I say and fie on you charles.  if all were to listen to you

and sit waiting for the inspiration to strike

them, then there would be so few

words in the world.

now granted they would all be epic

twas brillig and the slithy tove

did gire and gimble in the wabe,

surely these lines were delivered as you suggest

for how could mortal man know of mimsy

or the weight of outgrabe

without divine inspiration?

and yes the filling of that inspired sandwich of words

is fluff and stuff overthought

But writing is a skill and as such should

be practiced patiently and repetitively

the choice of words explored erased and reimagined

like a difficult crossword puzzle, this fits

but that is better.

There is no doubting the gifted vision,

inspiration, the words milling around inside ahead

that simply MUST come forth, this i grant you,

and it is always full of worth.

But to never write unless that strikes?

no, writers all, no.

Write, do it now, do it often.  Be where you are, and sing.

if your song is shit so be it, polish it, perfect it

or tear the words, and write again.

Speak that we may see you

write on, my friend, write on….


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