oh this is hard, harder than i thought
i know i can do this
but i’m awash
i want to be lost in wonder at everything
and that pull is strong
but here i am at work at the market
driving my cart
picking my food
watching my siblings milling about
hoping for a connection, longing to reach out
hug everyone!  spread the smiles
share the joy
laugh out loud
restraint!  control!  keep it in
use the energy, focus
this struggle is so fun! wow
what a great challenge
this life is so much harder now
but so much better
i can do this.
i am strong
i have climbed the mountain
i am the mountain
first there is the mountain
i am a vessel
and i am big and real enough
to hold all this
to love all this
i am an infinte vessel
there is no mountain
i can do this
one thing at a time
one step at a time
i’m such a little boy
ah there’s so much, all at once
this is not where fate wants me to be
this is where i choose to be
this is the path i walk
i asked for help
clear in what i wanted
and was lead right to it.
what a beautiful mountain


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