i am the driver

i am in control

i choose the roads

i got into my car

sat behind the wheel

the engine comes alive

this is how i feel

i touch it here or there

it responds!

With this vessel i leap into motion

the stories roll out beneath me

i am the driver

now this way!

stop    go      fast     slow

i decide

this feels so good!

i want to let go

pull out the stops, open the valves

push the limits, fly through the countryside

Learn your lesson, boy.

follow the rules of the road

this isn’t fun

Yes, yes it is Daddy

the self-chosen restraint

the control

makes it more fun

the pacing is deliberate

the power becomes precise

Don, he knows

he makes the body work

Bob, he know

he follows the rules

is it ok that they don’t see?

restraint       control

this is where grace comes from

joy becomes contentment

this grows into peace

at the right speed

the bumps don’t bother or impede


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