Inspiration, challenge

Certain challenges inspire, some seem incipid. And so l go to the poetry challeng cafeteria, with my word tray, some day I accept, and some I’ll pass. Though in passing still I’ll write. For the novice the challenge is merely to write. To push beyond the blankness and put two words together in such a way that the friction between them engenders a heat from which more words arise and are written. Thus is the writers block burned away.
Next the journeyman writes to each challenge, no matter how sane or absurd. For this is where the expansion happens. The novice-warmed words begin to fill the balloon, are fit into it’s varying forms. Instead of the uncollected fume of free verse, these ideas are constrained and collected by a form, fashioned and deliberate, and so ideas coalesce and lift their concepts toward the light
Of the master I know not

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