Bayside, oceanside

jersey shore, barrier island
people flock to the beach
that certain strand
where the ocean meets the land

backwater bay barnegate
harbor from the tempest
flotsam in tangled mats
rubbish entwined in fate

forgotten, bridged over
lost between cities and sand
rooting reeds provide cover
for egrets and plover

trash in stagnant pools
long remains uncleaned
time wasted in government duels
intent lost in mazey rules

yet across that thin sandy ground
past the clubs and bars, beyond
protective dunes, sandy mounds
at lapping waves, magic found

here is the edge of the world
leading the continent
this is where the day unfurls
this edge is where souls uncurl

inspiration comes from  Written 20160422.  Copy right and share freely, keep credit and link to this original.




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