The old man and the shovel

you’re like an old guy
who wont throw out
a broken shovel;

though it’s worn down and chipped
cracked handle taped
he’s got three more –

and what does his kid do?
he throws it out,
not knowing why

daddy can’t let go.
As the tool deteriorated
he bent his will to cope,

modified his technique
changed his scope, and yes
as the tool changed in his hands
so his hands changed to meet the tool.
thus it is a part of him, comforting
and he leans on that.

sons and daughters rip that away
dispose of daddy’s crutches in disgust
thinking that they’re helping,
not conceiving how that hurts.

come on old guy, its filthy and broke
it’s so much harder to use!

the unspoken part is: but dad
i’m so frustrated seeing you struggle
or give up because its too hard to do
with a broken unsharp tool.
It could be so much easier for you
and you won’t let me help you

but the new ones are crap
plastic from china, or crazy expensive

the unspoken part is: but son
i’m not much longer for this world
theres no telling how much time is left
and i do love it so, i’ve been here
my whole life, and these things
have been with me.  i dont want to go
you’re pushing me out




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