Cocoon uncooked

This is raw, off the shelf, off the self
Striving to divest me of all, save love
Roving off all else, lie, illusion

These things I thought I knew, valued,
What mattered, what guided me, what made myself
Was all hiding, running. Founded in fear, not love

In the quiet dark I find my self, naked In the grass,
in a pile before me, my armor, my shields, my mask
I wanted to leave it all there, my piled illusions
And walk upon the earth untethered unbound

But every time I turned away they were there
And I knew I wasn’t done so back I went to the egg
And sat and looked at what I made of me
So if this here is not me, what am I now?

Into a silkspun vessel I climbed,
With my name as mantra and called for my self
To come here. And I heard. Asking what
Does my self look like, I began to see
Whoever I want to be! In this I made myself

And there before me, I picked up my fears
Knowing now they don’t define me,
And cannot hide me
Those fears make me human, and worthy of love

Illusion dissipates. In love, I find myself

Illusion dissipates, in love, I find myself



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