jessica comes into my china shop
bristling, glistening, slightly out of breath
all the hairs stand up, fear rises up
and scatters, chased ahead
as her presence plows on before her
her muscles flex and ripple under her deep tanned hide
as she moves past crystal decanters
paper thin wine goblets tremble as she passes
swarovski stars and baccarat slab snowmen
porcelain plates made with the bones of her kind
timid teacups rattle and shake
her black eyes scan them, pass them
prison searchlights cannot reveal more.
she is in command
emotions move around her the way flocks or schools
avoid predators. i’m in awe.
she comes to cashier like a confrontation
i cannot speak, she gives and takes.
greenback benjamin for a ceramic bull
we touch barely, briefly in exchange of change
a fleeting smile shatters everything




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