I know this only from one perspective
I’ve heard it said about post partum depression
That you are mourning the possibility
Of what the child could have been
For once they are out, now you know.
And the infinite possibilities are killed by Is
Now, for many this may have merit
The sadness sure is real.  But by being
Taken away from her, the completest change
Was amplified.  And it hurt.  Excruciating
It hurt so much it erased my self
Only Mary Celeste can know that despair

And on meeting her, again, or finally, I see
A glimpse of all that lost potentiality
For once we were connected, more than Chang
Or Eng.  For this was symbiotic, dependency
Her heart beat the rhythm of life, pickled
In her fluid, she made room 
Souls entwined, a vision of purity
Unconditionally.  Majestic.  Immense.
Here then is a face of god.  surely nothing less
But the time comes and I was out of space
Out of time, and out indeed, in the first and
Greatest sense of the word.  And all that I’d ever known
Was gone.  Explain Kansas to a whale.  Or don’t, 
Just drop them in the sahara.  Literally the world
Is turned inside out.  And that peace and love and security
Is gone.  No wonder this hurts. No wonder…


2 thoughts on “Birthing

  1. What a powerful poem you have created, absorbing your ruminations and reflecting it with your own experience. I particularly am struck by the line “Explain Kansas to a whale. Or don’t. Just drop it in the Sahara.” You could extend the metaphor with the gasping, burning, solitary whale, and wrap the poem right there.

    Thanks for sharing your connections.


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