Arise once more

War looms no longer deniable by the fiercest hope
Ships are gathered, and stocked with stores
Each soldier gathering their gear
Sharpen swords and polish armor
The king has called, the enemy marches
And so we fill our wagons and prepare

The time has come to face the fact
That has been long forgotten
I read the words of my king
Put to parchment a solemn thing
This is the contract of my elevation

In my coffer, accoutrements
My hands hold them once again
My chain, my spurs, my belt
These show I once was worthy
Though long since those feelings stirred

The duties of my office and estate
My battles now must Sublimate
My strength has dwindled
My mind unsure, having had a taste
Of peace…

So my mind does cower hem and haw
Yet The distant war-drums beat
And my king has made the call
As I don my belt and chain
My heart does beat once more

This, I know.  That I am a warrior
I reclaim that truth for my self
For I am worthy and well qualified
The blood does rise in me
This warrior shall have victory


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