Fifteen Years Ago Today, in the United States

For a few brief shining moments
Three hundred million people
Were galvanized as one
All who were aware
Know where they were when they heard
The video feed in the lobby
Riveted to our screens, but
Not in the usual way.

The skies were silenced for three days
That background noise we learned to ignore
Such a relief when it was gone
But too few noticed that, wrapped up in their grief

There was a flag 
On every bridge
Street corner
Pickup truck

Gone was color, creed
Or whether you have a cock or not
We were all one then
For a few days at least.

But this did not meet the goals of power
The machine wanted to move again
So we were encouraged not to forgive
But to forget.  Don’t show the footage
Of those who lept.  Don’t hear the hail
Of those bodies as they met the earth.



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