The Snarling Beast and the Iron Box

having been disposed of so early on
i feared the thing i craved the most
so i tried to do everything right
be what i thought you wanted

i kept love at bay with a ten foot pole
like a snarling beast ready to rip my heart out
so i locked it up in a black iron box
and propped up a nice facade for you

this seemed to work, for a while
or so i thought.  but there was naught behind it
save deceit.  the expected results were not there
or i would not see them.

shallow friendships, or none at all
for who can love a mask? only the wearer
but the reactions to the mask prevented that too
though i wouldn’t see the effect of my causality

who can love through an iron box black
knowledge is confounded, empathy betrayed
the hungry, lovely beast paces, waiting,



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