Made a Cage of my Heart

Once my heart was in a box velvet lined
As a precious, or a gift 
But then the box got locked and chained
From rejection, and from not knowing why, again
And so the iron bars arose, unlooked for
Indeed scarcely noticed, or at least ignored
But then she found me
And then the shaman called me
Light shone and the iron evaporated as it had come
And it poured forth like green growing water
I rode that inundation, perched upon the flood
Drove the light before me, shining in the night
My heart was big, and all around me
It became my weapon, pointed to others lack
then my shield, as I tucked my feelings into it
At first like a soft bed after a long journey
But then like Monday mornings harder to rise
So I squashed those alarms and kept my feelings in
Now i hid behind my shield, and my armor
Of righteousness, how big and real I had felt,
my heart so huge, became calloused and hard
And I, inside it, withered



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