once, i was so strong i could extinguish love entirely
I had enough strength to hide
in that strength were hints of more
and I became strong enough to see
and my       because       peeked out and showed itself, briefly
then with increasing will power
I became strong enough to face
that gremlin Fear, though at first i could do no more
then facing it, i came to fight
to rail against the angst that seemed a tormenting demon
Fierce i became,
and my strength grew again
Once i became strong enough to win, to vanquish the dragon
banished it into hiding
where it nursed its wounds
growing, or festering
Now shall I become stronger still, strong enough to surrender


dVerse Poet’s Pub


9 thoughts on “Strength

  1. I’ve faced down a lot of fears in my life and it always brings a feeling of accomplishment and strength. Sometimes though when we think they’re behind us, they rear their heads again…we must persevere!
    Gayle ~


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