Enter north wall

I’ll blame the gremlin inside me
The one who can’t just let it be
Who tells me run when you get close
Or helps me take another dose

I’ll fight my demons, vanquish dragons
With vorpal blade as my attack
In ether realms my soul will sing
Of victory over snarling beasts

Then clock does call, back to work again
And gremlins doubts nag once again
Withdrawn deeper into my shadows
Still pulling on silent strings

As way leads on to way, so the stone wall diverts me
And yet I come back again, there is no way around
Nor over.  And still I fight, on it my fists I’ll pound
My swords break, my hopes dashed against it

This fight cannot be won, never over, never done
There is no victory condition here, drop my weapon
Shed my armor, fight no more.  Approach,
Embrace, put my hands into the very stones


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