This Blog

today i’ll count as something of a milestone

one hundred followers!

Thank you all for reading, following

believing, or not.

i’m not really doing this to see how many followers i can amass, but to explore and share what I find, in the world, in myself.  There has been such change and growth, I can’t hold it inside.  For your comments I am very grateful.

for each leaf of grass,

for each song

teach me how it reaches you

so i can follow along




4 thoughts on “This Blog

  1. On 4th November 2016, 1000 visitors! 333 posts and 2105 views.

    The numbers are one thing, but to know that you are out there, reading this, and (hopefully) getting something out of this, that is the real treasure. Thank you for reading, and for coming back again.

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  2. Today, the 29th December, 1605 visitors and 4108 views! 470 posts. The blog was started in 2015 but didn’t really gear up until april 2016. Thank you for your visiting, reading, and commenting.


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