The time? NOW!
This is the edge
Sharp and bloody with those fools
Change is upon us. imMEDiately
Never better
Wincing windblown eyes
the frantic rat race grows
Every barrier blasted
Every government totalitarian
Every dollar a vote,
No! Now valueless
Wad them up to plug the holy hovelroofs
Build this house of cards so quickly
The next row is up before the first can even 
Science has finally escaped faith
Jellyfish and rats offspring
The world is made on ideas
Fantasy is only escapism before it maniFests
Becoming reality Now
Paint the line in the road again again again
Treasure those books, your kindle
Despite the name won’t keep you warm
When it’s aflame
Scrap it all and start again
Your tv training approaches fruition
Once your dependency is complete
Your world will be flushed away
You will be copeless, all your skills irrelevant
What then the world? No internet!
You cannot survive, not imagine the chaos that will come when the credit stops flowing the world stops knowing the cash is empty paper what little there is the juice turned off debts uncollectable when it is revealed there is no foundation to this at all made up mythological antecedents with no fuel for your machines no planes nor cars go no trucks to bring the food combines halfway up the row stalled and stuck it won’t take electromagnetic pulse bombs won’t fall when planes don’t go no light in the dark no heat in the cold no water in the burbs no credit cash useless goldhoarders gunned down but then gunman is out of bullets What do you really know of survival You think this is bad winter is on it’s way Ulysses is Americas gift to the world wide dream where you cannot wake this is the path this is what must happen the famine five miles from food cause they’re too fat flimsy feeble to walk that far
This then is what the wheel will bring
The only way we will learn
In chaos and looting
I cannot see beyond
The now

Inspired by a prompt from dVerse

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