Fear, Fight, Face

“you cannot run from what lingers in your soul”
but what we first perceive as running from
is more like an uphill slog, dragging a boulder with us.
we resist, it persists, and it rises up
with the slightest slowing of our runnings
the slightest hesitance in our defense

some, stronger, seeing this
turn, face, fight
lash out, fight actively against it
and strive, battling their demons
all they demonstrate, is how to add pain
to the sadness

stop running, stop fighting (this is what i attempt)
be stronger still than that battler
face that sadness, let it show
take it in your arms and comfort it
then you’ll begin to know



a reaction to https://myrandomrantings.com/2016/10/28/shadows-of-sadness/

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