She’s stood here a long time
Under slate and climbing vine
Majestic rising from the hillside
The Braille of her scars tells
Those who read her walls
Tales of tumultuous changes
The parquet pattern reveals
A later walls addition
She’ll tell you of her stairs
If you’ll sit still and listen
A too low sill in the upstairs hall hints
At a lost landing
In a hole in a closit
Under the stairs,
Lines on the wall say
The steps once went the other way
she speaks, low and slow
To those who sit and listen

Poetics: If Walls Could Talk

Solitude House Update – Request for Help


8 thoughts on “Solitude

  1. Thank you all for your comments, they really help. Especially when you see something I didn’t! Perhaps it is the author who has the heavy heart. It is a fine old house, first part built in the early 1700 (which is old for the USA). Called Solitude because it was the prison of two loyalists during the revolution. Wasn’t too impressed with the place actually, it’s not really a style i like. But after spending some time there, cleaning it up and poking into the holes in the back of the closit, she can tell you care and starts to reveal her secrets…


  2. Low and slow describes ‘her’ voice, and more than most, this old place has a story to tell still. You’ve captured the essence of the place completely! Less melancholy than a waiting for someone to come along and listen. Thank you for these lines.


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