Digital Farmer

in my data fields there must be monoculture
and the rows must not repeat
for on these tables integrity will prove
and boy it better be neat

for weeds in data are deadly
and felt loudly in report
which will the datafarmer perturb,
he’ll give a stern retort

so plant this information with care
the hyphen is not an underscore
that the searching will find it there
and help us win the data war




13 thoughts on “Digital Farmer

  1. As long as you use the GPS to furrow the code and plant seeds with harrow and hoe, then all will be well in data land, more spreadsheets and charts than even the boss can stand.

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  2. this was born out of frustration, putting things like towns and quote numbers into the company name field…. Grr! Not the way to leverage the computer-device. Not at all. silly meat.

    I suffer from C.D.O. It’s kind of like O.C.D, but they are in Alphabetical Order LIKE THEY SHOULD BE!!!

    When i retire i’ll never touch a computer again, and revel in the chaos, and tramp barefoot through the mud!


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