Eulogy to Robert Betts

its good to see all of you, though the reason for our gathering is so very sad.

this sort of thing makes me wonder if there is a god at all, and if so why something like this could happen.  If god loves us why does he take away someone so dear?  someone so bright, shining?  someone we so clearly need in this world?

on the other hand we can know that bob is safely in the hands of god, free from the suffering of this world (and won’t have to endure the results of the election)

but if you don’t believe in god, we don’t need to invent a mythical being in the sky to know how good bob was.

bob exemplified service to his fellow humans.  from countless hours volunteering to help in the aftermath of Sandy, to cooking a feast fit for kings, to an offer of a beer or a kind word where that’s what was most needed, or even just listening to someone who needed it, there was bob.  selflessly sharing his gifts and talents. this service to others is our highest calling here on earth.

I will miss him terribly.

some have said the world is dimmer without him, and while i think i know what they mean it does not have to be so.  For I look out onto your faces, and in each and every one of you i see a part that is generosity, and caring.  And though that part be big or small, it is there.  That is the same stuff that this man was made of entirely.  And thus we all have a bit of bob within us.

to honor him, I will nurture that within me, and let it grow, and I urge you to do the same.  As did bob, let your generosity, caring and love shine forth.



Had I been asked to speak at his funeral tonight, this is what I would have said.  Bob passed abruptly, in his sleep.  Please look upon the people you meet, and remember that this may be the last time you see them, the last thing you say to them…


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