Keep yer eye on the ground
Each step mindful
Yet keep yer mind full
Of that goal up ahead
And be ok with this:
When ye get there
It won’t be what you expected

The sign said turn
But spirit said straight
So up I went
And I saw the rock
I climb myself
I put my chest against the stone
And she calls out my heart

Sitting there atop of me in the drivers seat looking down on magesty
In the cockpit I pilot earth
No dearth
At each turn my heart says so
This is where to go
I sit to write and spy the hermit
I keep looking in every hides hole
Under the majesty of the blue sky
God why did we ever build roofs!
Duh cuz they support us
I put my head in a hole user the rock
And felt my heart fall into my ankles
I feared the hole behind me
And though I thought to turn and go
I closed my eyes and in I went
And I loved that mean little dwarf
And he taught me that with love I am safe
And the walls around me supported me
And I laughed into that little hole
And thanked them all.
There was water on the mountain
And I offered my gift
But then I saw that I was forcing it
And two men came
As I was meditating
And Fear said to me, they might push you off.  So I moved closer to the edge
And that hiding was wrong so I stood
And he turned
Be careful up there.
He may never know how right he was
Or how I’ve never been so out of danger
Oh god please let me learn my lessons when they are still
And then I noticed I was not yet at the highest point…
Walking along I found a higher rock
And stood upon it reaching up
Open crown of lotus flowers
And the message of the dwarves became clear.
Heart, lead on!  Oh what we will make!

Then mind said hey, what about..
And i almost was waylaid
So I thanked my mind for recalling
That’s what I want him to do
I go down the rough stone steps
And I remember the owl
As the church bells waft up the ridge

Oh that’s it mind!  Remind me of dad
Remind me of love
You can let my heart free!

Along the path some Friends or guides come to me while I was thinking about pacing
And strangely I love the path
I lost the path
But then I sat in a little nook
And as I sank down into the leaves
It became clear that I cannot lose MY path.  So on I go!
Down into the earth
Under boulders
Through holes
Over under around or neither
And the rock pointed up
And I looked
And I knew that I am indeed here

Be ready for the ground to give way
By knowing where your strength truly is
The hoof made trail is not the same as the shod

I want to build dams and
Wiers of wonder
Guide the endless flow

Then I came to the river
And put my face to the bosom of the water
And put my tongue in her
Cold clear water
And that was it.  Am I too tired?  Too full? Ah…

And it’s time to leave the maze goodbye
And get back in my body
Though I did not leave
And drive back home



11 thoughts on “Pilot

  1. Meditation can take you to some interesting places. I too liked “and Fear said to me, they might push you off. So I moved closer to the edge.” Amazing inner dialogue here! And no, you can’t lose your path.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Brian. It sure was the strangest hike I ever had. This is pretty much as it came, though there is a lot missing, and now with some distance I might be able to fill in, clarify or obfuscate, clean it up or extend it, I’m not sure where it will lead me. Clearly not my best work, but felt I ought to share. I’m grateful for your readership, and your comments.


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