Rose water

In joy my birthday came and went, followed closely by my lady wife’s.   For this year I feel I got the gift of my own heart.  Finally came to see what trusting myself looks like, or rather feels like.  I let love guide me up the sacred mountain, on or off the path as it seemed meet.

Often alone, this year opened up to her, as the sun rose over the ocean and our toes in the cold sand.  Shared with her, a gift of time, reciprocal.  Entwined, we dined, four days, with our three families or each other.  And, almost home, to our right
rose the moon.

Across our bodies
Like cherry blossom petals
her light falls on us



24 thoughts on “Rose water

  1. As far as masculine and feminine
    balance of complete whole goes..
    there is more
    to add
    to others
    than take
    away when all
    is one me and
    more to give..
    as well as Be..
    wHere moon and
    sun intersect an eclipse oF one liGht..
    as be
    of DArk..:)

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    1. Thank you Rosemary. I have difficulty with the Haibun form, i’m not sure I understand it, or the value of it. And clearly i have no idea where the line is between prose and poetry! lol


  2. I was so moved by this…”For this year I feel I got the gift of my own heart.”
    A precious gift for ourselves in order to give ourselves to others….and to enjoy it under the light of the glorious moon. Beautiful.

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