Erb’s Garden

The vast garden of my youth
Made Vaster still by the smallness of me
My parents careful cultivating
Careing, Weeding, nurturing, 
(some of it in the garden)
Vegetative bounty, great zucchinis
That make even your calves look small.
Endless tomatoes put up for sauce
(not gravy.  -Ed)
That garden filled our cellar with mason jars
And our bellies with berries.
Sent out to get enough for a pie
We rarely returned with enough for one
Though we picked enough for three.
How I didn’t care for asparagus
The adult me cannot fathom
For, fresh like that it is amazing
Such life and love grew there
And a succulence supermarketers will never know.

In response to a prompt at d’verse poets pub


19 thoughts on “Erb’s Garden

  1. Sounds like a wonderful childhood, I love the phrase ‘the smallness of me’ and
    ‘Careing, Weeding, nurturing,
    (some of it in the garden)’
    which is a lovely tribute to your parents, I am a huge fan of courgettes (zucchini), which seem to make up a large part of my diet, but we can’t grow them in our garden – too wild with lots of wildlife! Yesterday we had six pheasants, five male and one female, all poking and pecking about s if they owned it – actually, they do! But we do have a garden and produce centre not too far away and friends and neighbours who have vegetable gardens with so much produce they love to share!

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  2. Oh Lord.. love
    liFe on the farm
    iN garden
    now with
    with iT aLL and
    resting sleep
    thaT city
    can not
    garden Peace..
    unTil i becaMe A
    farm and dance iT
    everywHeRe i SinG..
    though.. i suppose.. it’s more
    Beach now than farm of sow…:)

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