why think you can influence me?
whence comes your interest in my activity?
And the nerve to take offence
when i won’t accept your beligerence!

what is missing within you
you think that i can fill?
do i tell you what to do?
guide, direct, push, demand?

if i a slacker be
your words will not that repair
for what is missing inside me
sits and at me stares

don’t push on me with demanding airs
rather invite me in with love and care


20161116 this is a knee-jerk reaction to Shawn Bird – Exasperation

2 thoughts on “Demand?Invitation!

  1. lol

    Yes. I think that’s about what my students who’ve neglected to hand in work since September are thinking, until they realize that all the zeros on the spreadsheet have a logical consequence… Then the whining begins, but as I spur them to success and second chances,I am forced to sigh, and then write poems to vent.. 😉


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