Like gold, these w o r d s
Moved to a i r y t h i n n e s s
By the beat of their own m u s i c
The fronds of hairy selvage teased
To tasseled fancy fringe becomed
Zooming out from warp and weft
Threads of scale bereft
The swirling still eddies of puddled train
Folded vales this microcosmic terrain
Ridged and peaked raked bright
Curves and dales without light
rippled shapes in tidal pools
As the fabric of the word flows on
Darken hollow, sun strafed ridge
Wring the third dimension from the plane
Implicit In the depiction of the thread
The weaving, the landscape of
The lay of the land is learned
Representations nested and so
The veiled form takes shape like
The mourners at Burgundy
From alabaster carved, as the whole
Vocabulary is trimmed to these iron words
Heavy handed thick anvils, anchors

Or soaring vista c ab l e-s t aye d s u s p e n sion 
Bridging thoughts


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