Her atrocities

The challenge today from the poets pub D’Verse, is to write a poem in the style of carravachio. I cannot hold a candle to that master, but here is a little something:

Searing malice 
Viper thoughts hiss through her mind
Great and terrible, queen of her own chaos
All shall love her, and despair
Of her atrocities, this bloody hallway is the least
Across her skin
And dress
Falls the cold
White moonlight


14 thoughts on “Her atrocities

    1. Thank you for having me. Very much enjoying the company, the challenges, and the superb authorings of dVerse!

      And thank you for your comments. Even the little light that falls to her is cold


  1. I love the way you start with ‘Dark / Brooding / Searing malice’ and end with ‘cold / White moonlight’.
    Your ‘queen of her own chaos’ is deliciously atrocious with her hissing viper thoughts!


  2. “All shall love her, and despair” this is about me. I want to be loved not feared because of my traumas. Don’t run from me just because I’m hurting all the time. Don’t think that you need to help me. Just know that I seek understanding and that is all.

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