The machinery of the world is much too complex for the simplicity of me

Jaguar pacing
A gutter, concrete
Filled with leaves
Iron bars, wooden planks
Men and women, who changed

How could he know,
That the longing he paced out
From twighlight to twilight
Was for love, for cruelty
And the hot pleasure
Of tearing things to pieces
The scent of deer in the air..?
That unnamed longing suffocate
And rebelled within his frame

God came to him in a dream and spake
You will live and die
Imprisoned here
That a man may see you five times
And not forget you
Your figure, your symbol will be engraved
In a poem precisely placed
In the universal scheme
And god so illumined the brutish beast
That this was understood and destiny accepted
You will become the Word

Awakening, valorous ignorance
Obscure resignation prevailed

This is not that poem
The beast is no jaguar
I am not a Poet
Nor even god.

Http:// a challenge, to cover another work. This might be more of a reboot. It only took me twenty years to finally read Borges Inferno, I, 32 and realize the poem,(which I never read) and the leopard, were the same.


12 thoughts on “The machinery of the world is much too complex for the simplicity of me

  1. iN ways..
    sAdder now
    than a fully
    cat.. never fully
    kNoWinG hunt..
    scent.. and taste
    captuRed fELt as
    flesh and blood
    A balance
    tight rope
    tree climber
    reaching counters
    for a bite to eat.. longer
    than 10 years old and diabetic..
    for life
    as fuller
    and so did/do
    tHeir domesticated
    cats to culture
    one insame..
    i sing now
    dance with
    fur A saMe
    WiLd and Free
    as a yellow boy wild cat
    IS A
    call of God
    FReED for me..:)

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  2. So glad you posted the link to the original. Wow! I haven’t read Dante either, but have the idea (or possibly illusion) that now I don’t have to read that bit, having now read the Borges. And I LOVE the sweet conceit in your poem, of God similarly addressing the leopard. Wow! to you too.

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