This is serious business
And your role, dear reader
Is significant
For this is the first breath upon the water
Calling out substance from the void
Fantasy made manifest
With the expression of an idea
Woodworkers and chemists make
By shaping what they find
Though this page is evident
Poets product is of the mind
For the language could be lost
The papyrus burned to ashes
And the ashes scattered by the four winds
But burn the library of Ashurbanipal
The consuming flames will
Bake those words into eternity.
There are many who cannot do this
(though they are not without words)
I forget how daunting
The blank page can be
Until I lay there at night in front of one, 
Is this then a glimpse of what it was like
Before that Big went bang? How long was it
Before the beginning?  
Oh that nothingness is pregnant
A beacon for imagination
A signal fire ripe to be set aflame
And this, this I can do
The words roll out in long strings
Lilting, layering, laughing
And here is the thing
Where naught was before
This then is Making
This is the future but more than that
This is the eternal now
Here is where fortunes arise
Here is where I am
And I will claim what is my birthright



11 thoughts on “Wordsmith

  1. Bring that pregant nothingness to being, alive and laughing on the page ~ I also like that “eternal now” ~ Always a challenge to write on a blank page and it takes guts to “bake those words into eternity” ~

    Liked by 1 person

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