Dance to a lullaby

Twisted lid, spilled jar
Breakdown, mind melted, body scarred
With a green spark’d cue i rose from shadow
skipping on the breeze of my journey
Breathing in snow white shimmer clouds 
Leaves me open, grinning
sleep is a dance to lull-a-bubble-by

The Monday quadrille challenge at dVerse has been adding up. This has all the words from the last 22 prompts! Hopefully the next few prompts will be me, the, in, with

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10 thoughts on “Dance to a lullaby

  1. You all are so inspiring! I went to a poetry reading friday night, my first. I was in such awe, and feeling i have so much to learn, and so much work to do, that i ought not to write for a bit, and focus. By sunday i was in front of empty pages again, but didn’t feel it. It took the prompt to push, and your poems to inspire. And your comments, i cherish. Thank you.


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