The scar upon my back

I can feel it there, on my back
sometimes, When I twist and stretch a certain 
way, Or reach for something greater than myself
 or dreams what ifs I’d seen it coming
How good a man I could have been
You plunged the knife



18 thoughts on “The scar upon my back

  1. The image you build is already quite disturbing – something Kafka-esque about it – which progresses briefly to dreams and then POW! the knife! But it’s that penultimate line than got me in the gut: ‘How good a man I could have been’.

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    1. Thank you all, your comments are gracious and kind.

      Kim, it gets me in the gut too. I try not to think about it, what would be if that didn’t happen. But that doesn’t help much, and so the scars persist, and in persisting, i let them keep me from seeing the man that I am, and detract from the man that i could be….

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