Cooking is Life

Scent surrounds me
A cooks cologne of
Andouille, Rosemary and cognac
Kitchens and Christmas
To eat is divine
To love, a feast



11 thoughts on “Cooking is Life

  1. I liked this it was definitely festive and a little frivolous…I had to look up the sausage word…sorry..but it reminded me of cooking Christmas dinner with the sound of family and that slightly tipsy sensation from a wee dram whilst letting the turkey rest.


  2. My husband is the cook in our family — and really, since his retirement, he’s progressed to the chef in our family! I love the cook’s cologne he creates! And you’ve chosen an interesting combination here with the rosemary and the Andouille! And then add the cognac — perhaps to flame the dish?
    Enjoyed this very much!


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