Distill the magnificence
The vastness of awareness
The flush of Love
Into the kernel of idea
Reduced further to alphabetic
Characters, characters indeed!
Each coming into (the) play
For their role, reprised
Each appearance R lends his leg
A nuance, then exit stage left
As the reader Time moves on
Now with this one, now with that
The gently choreographed display
Somehow a story is told
What magic is this!
From only twenty six
We imply the infinite!
What rhythm rides in their repitition
Beat beat The beat the beat beat the clock
Is not digital, the digital is the clock
So mind the time, the alliteration and the rhyme
Just the start of the soundscapes
Quicker than the mind, the sighted and the blind
What secret songs are hidden in subtler patterns bidden
Playing off the light, the gold and the coal


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