The night the bus overturned

The miracle of the new excites and rightly so
Some of that gilt will flake and peel
Less would, if I didn’t lean on it so

This. Sensation is beginning to fade
Or maybe I’m just assimilating
This sensation I’m beginning to face

Either way I pull it round me like a cloak
To steep in that feeling like a tea 
So in this sadness I’ll soak

And standing there I’ll watch myself 
Feel and reel and drift, let go
Of that too, one little pellet at a time

The time is now, to advance
I see how lingering feels
Rise on those legs and dance



7 thoughts on “The night the bus overturned

  1. Ah, I like this! Love the conclusion, like an imperative. I should listen to this advice. I wonder if this is a particular form you are following? Either way, I like the rhymes and slant-rhymes here, and the diminishing lines to the end.


    1. Thank you Marian. If it speaks to you, then do!

      i’m not studied enough in the various forms, i’ve managed to eek out a few sonnets, quadrilles, haiku and haibun. Here it did need to deteriorate, not quite meet it’s goals as it were.

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