Time to Rise

Time to rise and return to the office
Time enough today, a fresh batch of twenty four,
Just enough time today, to fall further behind
Yes, Mahatma, this is a sacrifice, though
It seems an odd thing for god to want from us



7 thoughts on “Time to Rise

  1. ah…..the beckoing of the dawn, the alarm clock, and what awaits at work. So glad I am in my rejuvenation now (never say retirement). I especially enjoy Sunday nights as they are like any other night. But, I do remember…
    Using the prompt again, do hope you’ll be able to take some time for yourself today…even if just a few minute walk outside…away from the “do this and do thats” of the day!

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  2. new rubber
    bounce back
    only the Now
    Ganges in timeless flow
    perfect examples
    love reigns
    “everywhere is a song
    and a celebration”

    thank you waltermarks and lillian, hit the nail on the head and hammer home


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