i’ll never tell

i do not tell you about my father
i hold my idea of him in my heart
i do not shout my love from the hilltops
i act from it in my heart.  and when
i throw myself into the volcano
you’ll not know by my saying so




23 thoughts on “i’ll never tell

  1. This really made me think, about humility and openness, wanting to be loved, and also having a great need to feel understood….and accepted. Maybe that wasn’t the intention! But that’s what it conjured for me. A beautiful, thought provoking piece.

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    1. Kay, I am honored and delighted by your words. It is truly magical when this sort of thing happens. the authors intention is only one part of the piece, once it is published. Perhaps you could write something poetic in response?

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      1. i hear my voice, and choose to quiet
        i hear your voice, i speak your language, and
        i need you to speak mine, too
        i need you to show me I belong
        I will lay down my sword for you – I need you,
        and I need you to need me, too

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  2. Ah…the ultimate “stuffer.” One who holds their real thoughts, feelings, within oneself until they explode — in word or deed or jumping into the volcano…I’m going to the dark side in response here — the suicidal thoughts not expressed and the feeling “no one will notice when I’m gone.” Always good to have someone to talk with…This time of year, suicides increase. Prayers for all for whom this holiday season is a difficult time.

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