Eye, moved rapidly by fear
Frantic for what lies unseen.
The description of the motion of the orbs
Is not what drives them.
It is not the Grue, with gnashing teeth
But the emotional fear that causes action.
Physics and myths are still the stories
To comfort the thinker.

An Imaginary Garden with Real Toads


7 thoughts on “eMotion

    1. “The grue is a sinister, lurking presence in the dark places of the earth. Its favorite diet is adventurers, but its insatiable appetite is tempered by its fear of light. No grue has ever been seen by the light of day, and few have survived its fearsome jaws to tell the tale.”
      The only warning I have ever received about them was in a room below a trap door in an old house in the woods. “It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a Grue.”


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