Stone and Broom

In me pocket
is a rock.  It
is from the land of Labrador.
It shimmers, like that frozen shore.
Protection, she’d say,
“things would go my way.”
Her curls in disarray, she swept the floor
Yet here am I, so far from her door

The dVerse Pub is open again, the challenge today is a Quadrille containing the word curl

27 thoughts on “Stone and Broom

    1. Thank you othermary, the rhyme wasn’t too intentional but it wouldn’t let go. i think that’s what made me uncomfortable when i was writing it. it’s almost like the piece demanded the rhymes…

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    1. Thank you Grace, it is an honor to be here. Yes, it’s amazing what faith can do. Framing, yes! there’s things that i thought should be in this but had to leave out due to the form, and framing her sweeping in a doorway is one.


    1. Thank you walter. the sport baffles me, i was amazed to see it in the olympics. how sweeping can change the course, morphs into keeping clean can change your life… Thank you for seeing the unwritten part.

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    1. Thanks Bjorn, for your comment and the prompt. it’s quite a challenge to get a story into the Quadrille. I really wanted to get more into the futility/utility of her sweeping, and contrast that to how messy she was elsewhere in her life. I felt mentioning her hair was somewhat gratuitous, but then it filled the comparison/conceit/contrast of clean/messy, so i guess that worked…


  1. Ah, the talisman from our days gone by…be it a rock or some other memento. We finger it and memories return. This is lovely. She may be far away, sweeping, with problems etc….but here is this stone within her pocket, that she can finger in moments when she needs reminder of good memories and a special person who first placed it in her hand.

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