Build a bridged

I thought I saw a
Bridge over troubled water
To shorten my way around
But there’s no short cut
When the only way is up
One direction, clear intent
I passed the massive
Mall in bridge water N J
The seething sea of shoppers
Ceased after Christmas 
Pedestrian bridge over
Tangled highways speeding cars
Empty, cold, alone.
Horizontal walls
Bridges are, or wiers, dikes, levees
Keeping two flows separate.
Ships and cars would fight
And not get along at all
As fences improve neighbors
Bridges improve each their plights

Inspired by a ghostly posting on dVerse.


11 thoughts on “Build a bridged

    1. I pass it by every (working) day except one, though this year I had to go there twice. The town is named after one in England, I’m told. The river, and most of the bridges, have, since it’s founding, been parses out into other places. There’s a wealth of unbelievably boring detail on wikipedia about it.


  1. Bridges are a great metaphor for many things, but most important is that they can be traveled both
    ways in direction…..byways must be kept open…hopefully one need not cross one bridge more than once for lessons learned. Good write.


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