Bridges and Fences

Bridges keep the flocks from fishes
Interstates from lesser roads
Fences keep cows from sheep
And gardens from neighbors toads

Bridges let the boats go by
While trucks can barrel onward
Fences settle arguments
And delineate many a yard

Fences segregate and divide
To keep me out or keep mother in
Bridges span stormy straights
And join what was asunder

Fences built of barbed wire
Deny condemn and sever
Bridges cross chasms and enable
Meeting and understanding



15 thoughts on “Bridges and Fences

  1. In these seemingly contentious days, I do believe it extremely important to build bridges (real, virtual, with words, with a hand reaching out) rather than fences or walls. Thanks for posting! So glad to have you at dVerse today 🙂 Can you do me a favor and add a tag to or a link? That way others can also find us, join in the fun….the tag or link will be a bridge 🙂

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  2. Hmm.. this reminds
    me of dreams of bridges
    one rides on that slowly
    gather water like
    a septic
    roads that go
    no where but
    under muddy
    waters of
    oH.. Lord..
    Roads that
    make one
    happy to wake uP..
    From Dream Bridge SuNk..;)


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