Glute and Hams

Tense muscle
Shaking, straining
Out at the seeming limit
Of a new position
Others join in, eager for the fray
Opposing groups now both engaged
Working not only against gravity
But each other.
Put your foot down
Lets the laterals release
And all the fear and sadness
Stored there floods out
Washes through me 
As I sink deeper
Into asana


11 thoughts on “Glute and Hams

  1. Physical Yoga is so very difficult for people, specially who have never done that before. Though it helps a lot to steer clear of pains and the likes. It definitely helps the breathing rhythm. But reading, writing, listening to music and other aesthetic activities that give us pleasure also help our breathing rhythm and do a lot to calm the horribly, agitated mind. That is the Yoga for me 🙂

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    1. If you loved it, let nothing keep you from it. Find a different teacher, either in person or YouTube.

      Do! Don’t worry if you are doing it right. Your body will tell you if you’re doing it wrong (it will hurt, it shouldn’t). And you will also know if you are not challenging yourself.

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  2. “Opposing groups now both engaged
    Working not only against gravity
    But each other.”

    Good imagery for what goes on in the muscles (including the brain as a muscle)–and I love the sense of release by the end.

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  3. There is something in me (probably my inner control freak) that rebels again a class where the instructor tells me what to do when. I have discovered my own method of solitude and communing with my inner self, but I admire those who practice yoga.

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