peaceful warrior

Here is a story that I heard.  I can take no credit for this, but this is how i remember it.  If you know the original please direct me to it.

a young martial artist has been studying his craft for 10 years
he’s won accolades, tournaments, acknowledgement, adoration of the public

one evening, he is on a train, returning from yet another
victorious tournament…
a drunk man gets on and is being beligerant, pushing old ladies and the like
and our man stands up, and he is happy
for now he finally gets to use his skills
for the betterment of those around him.
and the drunk sees him and is happy
for he will now get the fight he thinks he wants.

then the old man sitting there, speaks to the drunk
you’ve been drinking?  he asks
the drunk says yes
come, sit with me, invites the old man
what have you been drinking? asks the old man
sake says the drunk
oh i love sake spending some time with my wife, watching the beautiful sunset, with some fine sake
tell me, do you have a wife?

and the drunk started to cry
for his wife had died some months ago
and he felt so alone.

when our hero left the train
the drunk had his head in the old man’s lap
and he was petting his head softly
our hero was humbled, for he knew
he had seen a true master at work
so he let his gratitude overflow




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