Homely part 2

For her public voice cried loud and strong
Mission statement posted firm, righteous
and everything (I thought) I wanted 
So in I went, charmed (enslaved) by an ideal
horses were trained, pavilions hoisted
Askance glances went unnoticed 
Whispers went unheard
Upon the castle grounds

whisper is the prompt today at d’verse

28 thoughts on “Homely part 2

    1. Bewitched, ensnared, enmeshed. Sometimes several words will serve, imparting a different flavor like sauces for the same roast. I’m finally giving your (marks) a burl.


    1. Oh if only I was pretending. No I was clueless, for a long time. Wondering why my efforts kept coming to naught… Oh, sorry, this is starting to sound like therapy. Thanks Victoria and Sarah for your comments

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