How much would a follens be?

An ode to P.Follansbee

Bearded both are axe and man
One taketh t’other firm in hand
From the timber he cannot refrain
Sets to shaping stock again
Split then hewn from riven logs
Through the boring work he slogs
Whisper thin curls rise from his plane
Carving set off by cunning stain
Fancy chests by bedside stand
His are the finest in the land

Inspired by d’verse challenge to write of a craftsman. When he’s not working wood he’s watching birds or writing his blog seventeenth century joiner


15 thoughts on “How much would a follens be?

  1. Woodworking is a sort of resurrection for the tree. Thanks for the reminder Glenn, I forget sometimes how uncommon this is, immersed as I am. Paul, I agree. I’ve got one of his spoons. Amazing how the human is in the work.


  2. Nicely done – i enjoy the ancient feel with your choice of words, and emphasis. Hits home for me as well as I love to work the wood and dream of the years to come, long after I’m gone, when they recall where that particular piece came from. Nice tribute!

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  3. I tried to google follens before i noticed the memorial at the top. Oddly the name: Follensbee is what came up. I like the play on words there, and the story of the sturdy woodsman, crafting fine furniture from rough hewn planks. Thanks

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  4. oh the amazing artisans who design and build by hand, beautiful pieces of furniture. We used to live near the Amana Colonies in Iowa and would often visit the furniture shops and ogle at the gorgeous tables. I also think of the Shakers and their beautiful woodworking — simplicity — smooth.


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