One Aspen

Aspen grove
Separate trunks
Thrust skyward
Shaking golden leaves
Whispering tambourines
I cannot see the forest
For this tree

Separate bodies
Milling about
Shaking hands
Whispering gossip
I no longer see the selves
For this humanity

For the midweek motif “unity” over at

6 thoughts on “One Aspen

  1. Wow! Finally you make me see the sense of the tree as the entire forest and all of its music. Spellbinding. It makes the idea of Humanity splendid, too, in a surprise way. We can be the leaves on the branches.


    1. Oh Susan your comment brings great joy! The Aspen is all one tree, the roots connect the trunks. We are all one too, connected by the part we don’t usually see. Blessings to you


  2. Words are not enough to express just how profound this poem is! The idea of an Aspen tree with its “golden leaves whispering tambourines” speaks to the soul in ways indescribable. Yes, we are one and are definitely connected! 💜 Beautifully rendered.

    Lots of love,


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