Repeating cycles

Three different poems in one post, a first. Here you can see how the playing with repetition (conceptually or actually) developed. Some ideas arose but not quite fleshed out, others crisp and tight right out of the box. And by the end I’m getting hungry, and running out of time.

Repeating Cycles I

Repeat the sounding joy
Enjoin in the sounding repeat
In the sounding repetition
There is joy, again
I wrote this yesterday
I write this again now
I’ll write this tomorrow
We cannot laugh enough
Repeat the sounding joy
Measure the bay depth again
Repeat the sounding
Play that record again
Repeat the sound
Do it once more
Repeat the

Repeating Cycles II

We turn again in little circles
Minute hand goes round
Pacing out our tracings
Worn paths around the yards
Hour hand goes round
Each number Like tides
Twice in twenty four hours
Days turn and turn again
As world spins round
Weeks come and go
Each the same yet not quite so
Moon marks another arc
Months by the dime a dozen
Circumscribed by years these circles spin
Concentric in nesting bins
Each life lived comes around
Rising like knobs on a cylinder
Against a thin metal pling or plong
vibrates change, then pass away

Repeating Cycles III

Repeating cycles
Make that drive again
Each day, same way

Re peating cycles
Springtide Sod-roof repairs
Make more single malt

Reap eating cycles
I’ll harvest mealtimes
From my hourfields

And the commentary, that’s something new, too. Whew.


29 thoughts on “Repeating cycles

  1. Very fun to read. I like the three parts to the recurring cycles and how you brought us into them. I got hung up again on “repeat that drive again,” since I just started golfing again after a long haitus and, well, I need to really work on the consistency. Not sure that’s how you meant it, but that’s what I heard! Thanks for joining in.


    1. Thank you Victoria. Didn’t think about repetition and (as) practice, but that’s brilliant. Be it sports, music, or even writing, the repetition by practice is what makes it…


    1. Thank you. Ideologically I think the work should stand for itself (like individuals). But context is a thing, too. I don’t want to trim down the readers contribution to the experience though…

      Heh, like all things, there is a balance in there somewhere.


    1. Thanks De. The first one was really just playing with the concept or repitition. I do like the ending section of that, where you change one word and the meaning changes. The second was a bit more deliberate, and the third was hitting stride. (does that expression even mean anything outside of USA?)


  2. The second one resonates best with me–love the lines /circumscribed by years these circles spin/concentric in nesting bins/. From the Zen & Celtic wheels of life, to the orbits of molecules at the atomic level, to the spin of planets, of galaxies, of universes–the circles are inexorable & forever.

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    1. Thanks Glenn. I really think there are some kernels in here that would do well to treat a bit better. So many circles in this world, like nesting dolls that somehow are all the same size, or grow at the rate they are opened, endlessly.

      The square is so artificial


    1. Thanks Walter. Fascinating stuff the way words can be assembled in such a way that that happens. Here’s some lyrics from a German band that are similar:
      Du hast
      Du hast mich
      Du hast mich gefragt

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  3. I agree with all of the above. I love the commentary, the repetition and the development of each poem. It’s hard to choose a favourite but I think that for me it has to be the second poem: I especially enjoy the internal rhyme of ‘pacing out our tracings’ and ‘moon marks another arc’.


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