Ship me

Birthed me
In bed on a boat
Rock me with the stillness of a stone
How can I home where the tempest has flown
He will not story me his self-sided saga
Of meaty oar, star-guided sail song
Lamp these little letters, illume
Learn me unfetteredly, stern

From the prompt at dVerse:
“what I’d like you to do today is to write a poem that includes your own unique verbification. Throwing out an example:  Ganache Me – what a delectable title that would be for a poem. Imagine the possibilities 🙂  I recently wrote a poem for the dVerse repetition prompt that included the phrase, crimson me. So anything is possible! Use your imaginations on this one and have fun with it.”. Why not give it a try yourself?
And here’s a little something about Verbs: schoolhouse rock: verb


16 thoughts on “Ship me

  1. “Lamp these little letters” — would have expected nothing less brilliant than this from our (v)erbiage.
    Wonderful, Eric. And “learn me” — isn’t that something we all want? Just to be known?


    1. Oh De, bless you. Want, need, and fear.

      I’m wrestling with how much of me I’ve revealed in my blog. On one hand, that’s what makes it real, on the other hand it’s another way to hide (in plain sight){insight!}, and on the third hand, airing dirty laundry isn’t cool….

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  2. Rock me with the stillness of a stone….my favorite line. For one who does get sea-sick and car-sick, I can relate to this line! 😦 Also love the title and the use of the word “lamp.” Well done. Enjoyed it very much!


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