Alley sand

Burned trees burn and grow again
Seeds cracked open by inferno
Green haired Sandy came like medusa
Smashed the shore to pieces
Sanders in the alley deep
Real estate washed out to sea
Foundations pushed aside
Dreams drowned in rising tide
Shoveled out from in between
The hourglass of resort town
Seeds and hands will come again
Begin sprout renew

A hurricane named sandy destroyed much of the jersey shore
I remember the spaces between the buildings two feet deep with sand. The prompt is to Use the art of ally Saunders as inspiration. There’s pieces of two paintings which you can see here . DVerse poets!


13 thoughts on “Alley sand

  1. I don’t imagine many people naming children Sandy, on the Jersey Shore. Unless they’re red haired and wild 🙂 Just kidding, your words are quite descriptive of the destruction rendered there@


  2. I’m curious about the two paintings you chose for this.
    I will not forget Storm Sandy as we felt the effects even here in southern Ontario. I prayed for my house to remain standing.


    1. I can’t imagine that, it sounds horrible. Though it is fascinating, what people in other parts of the world think about the US. I don’t get much news at all, especially from the wider world…


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