When Words Fall Away

The path to God
The path up the sacred mountain
Does not go anywhere
Does not lead
Nor follow
It just lays there
Fully present
Waiting. is the path concerned with feet?
The way of the secret warrior
The way of hermits, monks, scholars
The way of the outlaw, warrior, lover
The banker, mogul, movie star
What is their commonality?
beliefs are things others have,
I have what I know
Though they would say the same.
What happens in meditation?
What happens in repeat prayer?
How does it feel?  And
When words fall away, what then?

20170201. Prompted to write of faith, for poets united , I came up with this.

7 thoughts on “When Words Fall Away

  1. Yes, we recognize it when we see it. Finely chosen details! You made me spend some time on the path, as much of it as I have so far found. Or does it find us?.


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